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Q I’m new to the area, how can I find out to what parish I belong geographically?

A Usually it’s the parish closest to you. Call any nearby Catholic Church, give your address and  ask within what parish boundaries you are located. Alternatively, you can seek that information on any  parish website.

Q We have moved into the parish recently and are expecting our first child, what do I have to do  to prepare for its baptism?

A Call or email the parish office to make arrangements and for further directives.

Q What do I have to do to become a registered member of Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish?

A Introduce yourself to the parish priest or deacon after Mass. Obtain a registration form on the  lower shelf in the Church lobby, complete the form and return it by way of the offertory or directly to  the clergy or the parish office, personally or by mail.

Q I’m married and my spouse is considering becoming Catholic. What are the next steps?

A Call the RCIA director listed in the Parish Info section of this website, or speak to one of the  clergy for further assistance with regard to your options.

Q We would like a set of contribution envelopes. Where can they be obtained?

A The Parish Office has a supply of offertory envelopes, or you may inquire of the parish clergy  after Mass who can give you a set at church. Parishioner receive a set of envelopes each December.

Q Our children need to be enrolled in Faith Formation classes (Religious Education).what should we

A Call or email the Faith Formation director listed in the Parish Info section of this website.

Q We are in need of “catch up” in terms of having not received all the Sacraments of Initiation, can you help us with this?

A Call or email the parish office, the clergy, or the coordinator of evangelization listed in the Parish Info section of this website to put together a plan of preparation.

Q I have not been married in accord with the precepts of the Catholic Church, are there some steps I can take to regularize this situation?

A Simply mention the fact to one of the clergy to arrange a meeting to discuss the options.

Download: OLSS Parish Registration Form

Download Parish Registration  form and then:

  • Print, fill out and mail to Parish Office:  1200 Shippan Avenue, Stamford CT 06902…….. or
  • Complete on your computer